Strategic marketing & PR consultancy, working with agile, innovative and disruptive clients.

About T/F/D

T/F/D is a boutique advisory firm focused on disruptive and emerging technologies, with a core team that has more than 40-years experience. We’ve worked with innovative start-ups and corporates, both in-house and agency side. We have a wide breadth of experience in the UK, Europe as well as globally.

We know how to tell a great story and how to achieve cut through. Like our clients we are focused on being relevant and staying ahead of the game. Like our clients we like to challenge the status quo.

Our focus is on what will make a difference to our clients’ business. For us it’s about strategic marketing communications that will deliver long-term results. We work with innovative companies that aspire to be the next market leaders.

We act as a virtual marketing team for our clients.  And it might sound obvious, but we do what we say we are going to do. We deliver.

Above all, we are passionate about our clients and the role strategic marketing communications can play in growing and evolving their business. We’re excited about the future as much as our clients are of tech will bring.

Think is about understanding the context and the data; feel is about connecting with people via the right channels in a way that resonates and that makes them feel different in an algorithmic world. Do is about creating, distributing and amplifying compelling, original and relevant content that tells and story. And that is authentic.

You can find examples of the stories that we’ve told with our clients and how they are being tomorrows world.

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